• 7 Gallon DEF KIT

7 Gallon DEF KIT

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Five Star DEF now offers an environmentally responsible and affordable alternative to buying DEF in liquid form for reserve use on your Clean Diesel Vehicle. After over 6 months of research, testing (including over 30 gallons on our new F350), and packaging development we have begun offering Diesel Exhaust Fluid Kits that are safe to carry on your vehicle and provide you with a clean alternative to carrying jugs of liquid DEF. You add distilled water that you can buy at your grocery store prior to use. When made per the instructions using distilled water from your grocery store, our DEF exceeds API Certification requirements and ISO22241 specifications.

This is what you receive when purchasing the listed item: 
1. Quantity 7 of 3 1 oz pound precision Measured Portions of Certified Pure Urea in sealed poly bags.
2. A quality polypropylene Funnel in a storage bag 
3. A one gallon* reusable DEFJUG
4. A flexible DEFSPOUT with an Integral Ultrafine Stainless Steel Mesh Filter 
5. Detailed instructions for making your own DEF.
THIS KIT MAKES 7 Gallons of Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  That is under $8.00 per gallon DELIVERED.  You add 3/4 gallon (about 70 cents) of distilled water you purchase separately to make each gallon of DEF. PLUS you get a user friendly Flexible Spout and reusable DEFJUG. 21 lbs 7 oz. of Automotive Grade Urea are included in this KIT. Price is $54.99 and includes USPS Ground Shipping.