Introducing the DEF Magnevator by Five Star DEF

The DEF Magnevator makes it possible for you to fill your DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) tank OR reusable containers with DEF at truck stops that use the Magnetic Activated DEF Nozzle.  We tried the device that is offered by the nozzle manufacturer, but we think it is expensive. So we built and tested our own. 

We experimented with lots of magnets until we found a magnet and position on the nozzle that works.  We use DEF-compatible tubing to fit the DEF nozzle perfectly. We assemble the tube and magnet to a cap. We test each one on a Magnetic Activated Nozzle to make sure it works.

It works great on our F350 and similar vehicles.  It is also intended for use on heavy trucks, farm vehicles, RVs, and just about any vehicle that uses DEF that does NOT have the magnetic release device installed in the fill interface.

If you fill reusable DEF containers at a truck stop for reserve use in your vehicle and want to be prepared for pumps that use the magnetic activated nozzles, then this device is what you need.  The cap fits our Five Star DEF 2.7 gallon DEFJUG perfectly and also can be used to fill retail jugs with the smaller neck.

Our website price of $13.50 includes FREE SHIPPING in the US.  A reusable bag and storage box is included to protect and keep your DEF Magnevator clean. 



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1. Filter Kits wrote:
thanks for sharing such an amazing post. simply loved reading it.

Wed, December 24, 2014 @ 6:07 AM

2. Dave wrote:
What size is the cap on the Magnevator and the DEFSPOUT? I have a couple of 2 1/2 gal F-style jugs with 63mm caps that I have been trying to fill with DEF. Looks like the Magnevator could be put into most any size cap' Thanks.

Mon, February 9, 2015 @ 10:31 PM

3. Erich Weinberg Five Star DEF LLC Owner wrote:
Hi Dave

The Magnevator fits 63/445 necks. These are usually standard on F style jugs.

We don't sell the magnet/tube assembly separately.

We make DEFSPOUTS with the 63/445 type cap that fit our DEFJUGs and most 63/445 necks. We normally don't sell them separately, but I can put them on the website for sale if you want to buy one. Price would be 7.29 including shipping.

The Magnevator works with just about any container. The cap does not need to fit the container for it to work perfectly. We've tested it with our 1 and 2.7 gallon jugs, retail DEF jugs, and other containers. It also fits in all standard DEF refill ports on cars and light trucks, and all standard RV and commercial truck tank openings.

We don't recommend using any jug to store DEF that is not specifically designed and tested for use with DEF. Here are the reasons why:

1. DEF purity is critical for long life of your vehicle's SCR system. Jugs that are not specifically for DEF (like gasoline or water jugs) may have not been cleaned properly. Any jug color other than translucent makes it hard to make sure the container is clean before refilling each time.

2. Jugs used for DEF must be used for DEF only, and should be labeled for DEF service. This makes sure that DEF is not mixed with incompatible chemicals, or contaminated with other fluids. The urea in DEF can react with other chemicals (and cause potentially hazardous chemical reactions) if they are accidentally put in a container that has DEF residue in it.

3. Red jugs are intended for gasoline only, just as yellow jugs are for diesel fuel, and blue jugs are for water. This color code is a standard that emergency responders use to determine the hazards when fighting a fire. Having a fluid other than gasoline in a red jug may cause confusion.

Our DEFJUGs are tested and certified in accordance with the international standards for storing and dispensing DEF. They have been tested for compatibility and purity, are labeled per international standards, and are translucent for easy cleanliness inspection.

Many DEF users refill a retail DEF jug (like the BLUEDEF jugs). This is probably OK, although DEF manufacturers do not recommend this. Also, the cap used on this jug does not have a reusable seal and will eventually leak.

If you still want to use something other than a jug specifically intended for DEF, we respect your decision and have we have the following advice for best results:

1. Make sure there are no metal parts in the jug. If there are, inspect them often to make sure they are not corroding and thus contaminating the DEF.

2. Clean the jug using a phosphate free detergent and warm water. Triple rinse the jug with warm tap water, and then triple rinse with distilled water. Keep the jug closed at all times.

3. Label the jug with a permanent marker or tape as a DEF container.

Since we have not tested any other jugs than ours for purity after storage, we don't know if they contain materials that are compatible with DEF, and cannot guarantee that they will not cause issues with your vehicle's SCR system.



Tue, February 10, 2015 @ 10:13 AM

4. Dave wrote:

Thanks for your reply. My F-style jugs are new, translucent HDPE. Since they are not vented, like your DEFJUG, I am going to pass on the DEFSPOUT for now. Two things would help me and other RV owners decide about your DEFSPOUT; add the length of the spout to your info and add a duckbill vent to the cap like the BLUEDEF cap/spout. My RV DEF tank is hard to reach using the BLUEDEF jug because of the spout length but it can be done. I will be ordering a MAGNEVATOR. That should tell me if the 63/445 cap will fit my jugs. Having a DEFSPOUT that is long enough and it is vented would allow me to discard the BLUEDEF jug I have to carry around now.


Sat, February 14, 2015 @ 12:21 PM

5. Erich Weinberg Five Star DEF LLC Owner wrote:

Thanks for the useful feedback on our products, and for ordering one of our Magnevators. We're thrilled that our homemade device is working for all of our customers.

I'll add the length of the DEFSPOUT to the description. Many RV owners have tried our DEFJUGs, DEFSPOUTs, and other items. You can find their contact info and relevant comments on threads at Most of our sales have been to DP owners that have similar issues accessing their DEF tank. Search on Five Star DEF, or Doctor DEF on iRV2 (these are my user names) for all my posts on the subject of DEF if you are interested.

I'd love to copy that vent on the BLUEDEF spout. It is very clever and inexpensive. I wish I had invented it. Problem is, it is covered by a well written patent. I've been trying to come up with "new art" that would be as effective as a vent. It's not as simple as it looks.

I use the jugs that we make DEFJUGs from to carry reserve diesel, usually about 11 gallons. They are unvented, and I use a DEFSPOT to dispense the diesel in my F350. They need to "burp" 2 or 3 times, but it still works well unvented.

Thanks again for the useful feedback, and for being a valued customer. We especially appreciate your patronage of the website.

Don't hesitate to ask more questions, and I will also be happy to make a longer DEFSPOUT for you if you want one.



Sat, February 14, 2015 @ 6:51 PM

6. Chris wrote:
I have the same issue as dave. Why didn't you make the downspout longer then what you did. trying to fill up with that short spout & your big container makes it hard to fill my truck. But I do like how the magnet works. Saves me money & your part is cheap. I like cheap. It don't look pretty either but who cares. It works. Thanks

Sat, April 11, 2015 @ 7:57 PM

7. Chris wrote:
I actually what to amend my last comment a bit. I found out the truck stop I used to get def took out there magnet trigger so I hadn't really tryed this tell just today. I still have to use a magnet to get it to work. Do you guys have a stronger magnet for these things or am I just using this thing wrong? Please help me figure this out. Thanks

Thu, April 16, 2015 @ 6:12 PM

8. Erich wrote:
Hi Chris. I'm sure that I can help you with making the Magnevator work. We don't have any stronger magnets since the magnet we use is more than adequate to activate a DEF nozzle that is working properly. The Magnevator goes over the nozzle as shown in the images on the eBay item. I've added this image to the item listing in our store.

It's important to insert the nozzle in the direction shown, and that it seats on the step in the nozzle.

Don't hesitate to call the support phone number or use the support email address to get more information

Thu, April 16, 2015 @ 6:41 PM

9. Erich wrote:
Our DEFSPOUT length is the same as the Ford OEM part, and the spouts furnished with retail DEF jugs - 12". We tested longer spouts, and had many discussions with our customers about longer spouts and decided that they can be more trouble to use than the 12" spout. If you would like a longer spout, contact us at the email address identified on our website and we'll see what we can do for your specific needs.

Thu, April 16, 2015 @ 6:44 PM

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