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    Four-legged Family Addition

    It is finally time to update our 'family' post.  We are very sad that our cat, Pete, lost the fight with cancer.  We miss him dearly.

  • Introducing the DEF Magnevator by Five Star DEF

    The DEF Magnevator makes it possible for you to fill your DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) tank OR reusable containers with DEF at truck stops that use the Magnetic Activated DEF Nozzle.  We tried the device that is offered by the nozzle manufacturer, but we think it is expensive. So we built and tested our own.  We experimented with lots of magnets until we found a magnet and position on the nozzle that works.  We use DEF-compatible tubing to fit the DEF nozzle perfectly. We assemble t...

  • More New Products on eBay!

    We have completed additional product development and testing and are now offering the following new Innovative DEF Solutions on eBay and soon in our online store.  These new products include an improved 1.36 Gallon DEF KIT that includes a DEFSPOUT with long life integral mesh filter and DEF Sample Service, and a 7 Gallon DEF KIT that includes everything needed to make and dispense 7 gallons of DEF.  We also offer our 1.36 gallon Refill Kit along with a DEF Sample Service now on eBay.&n...

  • Expanded Product Line Now on eBay!!!

    Five Star DEF has added new products including refillable DEFJUGs in 1 and 2.7 gallon sizes, user friendly DEFSPOUTS, DEF sampling service, and later today, a 7 gallon kit.  Please visit eBay to see the full description of our new products and buy them if you want. Clicking on the links below will bring you to the eBay listing.  These new products will also be offered for sale on FiveStarDEF.com soon! 1 Gallon DEFJUG with DEFSPOUT 2.7 Gallon DEFJUG with DEFSPOUT DEFSPOUT for All DEF Co...

  • New Clean Room Facility in Arizona Completed!

    We "migrate" from Kent, Washington to Morristown Arizona each winter to escape the Pacific Northwest winters, and spend time with family that live in Arizona.  We have a fixer-upper house in Morristown...

  • Five Star DEF Launches First Products - Limited Offering (Coming 10/22)!

    Five Star DEF will be available in limited quantity starting 10/22 for immediate order and delivery. We’ll ship within 48 hours of your order. We are offering 190 of our Basic Kits and 90 of our Refill Kits as a test of the demand for our product.

  • Five Star DEF’s Lab Part 2: Our DEF Quality Equipment

    We weigh technically pure urea for each of our products. For our initial product offering that makes 1.36 gallons of DEF, 4.050 lb* (1837 g) of pure urea is weighed using our Intelligent Weighing Technology PC 6001 Digital Scale. 5 Star DEF measures each portion of technically pure urea for Basic and Refill Kits. We calibrate our scale before each daily production batch using our 5000 g calibration weight.

  • Five Star DEF’s Lab Part 1

    When we decided proceed with Five Star DEF and offer an alternative to liquid DEF by packaging technically pure urea in a container for mixing with commonly available distilled water, Erich put his Aerospace background to work and set up a small Five Star DEF Lab to conduct research, manufacture our alternative product, verify our product quality, test commonly available distilled water, and provide data on DEF that is sold in prepackaged containers and in bulk at truck stops.

  • The Five Star DEF Story: The Search for the Facts Begins

    While in sunny Florida, we began to research Diesel Exhaust Fluid: What it is, how it’s made, and how it works in our F350. We had already discovered that The International Standards Organization (ISO) is the source of governing documentation for DEF. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF is the acronym) is also known as Aqueous Urea Solution (AUS) 32.

  • The Five Star DEF Story: Florida Bound, The Truck Stop Experience Part 2

    We departed Waterloo, IA, three days later bound for SE Florida about 1600 miles and 4 days. It was only a short stretch on freeways in Tennessee, otherwise 2-lane scenic byways through IA, MO, IL, KY, TN, AL, and FL. I figured we could make it without a DEF refill, but the Exhaust Fluid Under 1⁄2 Full message came on 300 miles from our destination in FL.

  • The Five Star DEF Story: Truck Stop “Blues”, Blue Highways, no Blue DEF

    After wiping my hands on a paper towel, and wiping down the truck as best as I could, I re-entered the store, waited in line again for 5 minutes, paid for 5 gallons of diesel and 3 gallons of DEF about $28, went into the restroom to clean up, and got back in the truck to resume our trip. The pets (and Kathryn) all turned their noses up at my strong aroma of diesel and DEF (ammonia smell). It only lasted a few days and we all got used to it after a while (NOT!!!).

  • The Five Star DEF Story: The Truck Stop Experience

    First, there was no way to pre-pay using a credit card at the pump in the big-rig lanes. The pumps are set up for truckers with company credit accounts and do not accept credit cards. This required going into the store and waiting in line (for 5 minutes) to provide my credit card to the cashier. I asked to fill up with DEF, and this was where the experience became truly annoying.The cashier informed me that I would have to purchase diesel first, and then pump DEF on the same transaction. Since I had just filled up with diesel 50 miles earlier and I advised the cashier that I did not need diesel, only DEF. No exceptions, she said, it’s all automatic.

  • The Five Star DEF Story: Got DEF?

    On day three of the trip, about 1000 miles from home, I did a system check and discovered the Exhaust Fluid level was under 1⁄2 full. This caught us by surprise, and was somewhat of a concern, since we were traveling off the highways and we had not seen DEF by the bottle at any of the fuel stations in rural Idaho or Montana. We stopped in Spearfish, South Dakota and located a Ford Dealer, hoping to buy Motorcraft DEF by the bottle. The parts department was closed, so we could not purchase any DEF, and the manager advised us that the nearest DEF was in Rapid City, at a Pilot/Flying J Truck Stop...

  • The Five Star DEF Story: We Buy a Diesel Truck, and Begin a Road Trip

    We purchased a brand new 2013 Ford F350 Super Duty truck in June, 2013. We needed a 14,000 GVWR truck that could haul our pickup camper and tow our utility trailer at the same time, and would be economical to drive long distances with our slide-in camper; so, we picked a truck with the 6.7L Power Stroke engine. We had never owned a diesel powered vehicle, but after many test drives and some research, we were amazed by the quiet, clean, and powerful diesel engines that power the new Ford, Chevrolet, GM, and Dodge RAM full size pickups (we test drove each before deciding on the Ford). We travel with our pets and wanted a bigger camper which meant we had to have a big diesel truck.

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