Instructions for Use of Basic Kit*

  1. Remove the cap (and the break ring if it is loose) from a 1 gallon container of DISTILLED water. 
  2. Remove the cap from the Five Star DEF Container and set the cap down on a clean surface.  
  3. Pour ALL of the distilled water into the Five Star DEF Container.  Use a clean funnel if desired. Replace the cap on the Five Star DEF Container.
  4. Allow up to 8 hours for the urea to dissolve. It is normal for the container to get cold, causing condensation.  Gently agitate the container to speed up the process. 
  5. Inspect the bottom of the container to verify ALL of the urea is dissolved.
  6. When you add DEF to your vehicle’s tank, replace the container cap with the filter spout.  Remove the cap from the vent tube before pouring. 
  7. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for guidance on refilling your DEF Tank. Use of a funnel with a flexible spout is recommended. Replace the filter cap with the container cap when the container is empty or when your vehicle tank is full. 
  8. Save the filter cap in the original package if you don’t pour all the DEF from the container. Replace the cap on the vent tube. 

CAUTION: Do not add to the diesel fuel tank.

*If convenient, mix the day before use. For best results, mix our product on a clean, dry, level surface. Please check back to our website for additional details and product demonstration videos.

The Five Star DEF Container can be reused with one of our Refill Kits!

Instructions for Use of Refill Kit

WARNING: The refill kit shall only be used with a Five Star DEF basic container that has had the container cap and vent cap on since it was emptied.

  • Open refill container and pour into basic container with the Five Star DEF funnel. 
  • Follow instructions on basic container using new filter cap (see above).

A Five Star DEF funnel is provided with each refill kit

Non-toxic, non-flammable. Caution: If swallowed, rinse mouth thoroughly with water.  Do not induce vomiting.  If contact with skin or clothing, wash with soap and water. Eyes: rinse thoroughly with water.  Seek medical attention if irritation occurs.

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